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The Value of Experience

When I first became a Real Estate Professional, I was told that I couldn’t drive a truck and still be taken seriously as a Real Estate Agent. So, I sold my truck, purchased a fancy Lincoln SUV and quickly realized that the car just didn’t feel right to me so I turned around and sold it.

I feel like myself in a truck! And I think the house you decide on has to feel right to you and be the best fit for your family - no matter how long that takes.

When we find the right house – that feels right to YOU, Then I really go to work on your behalf. I will put my 10 + years of expertise that I have in the local Real Estate market, along with my strong negotiating skills, to task.

Whether buying or selling, I listen to what is important to you and your family and will always represent your interests completely. My goal is for you to have the most enjoyable and efficient Real Estate experience possible. I will walk you through all the due diligence, making sure the contracts protect you and are fully enforceable.

I am a born and raised Calgarian who loves building, renovating and selling homes. My Father and Grandfather taught me the value of a HOME and also instilled in me the pride that comes along with owning your home. I hope I can help you reach your Real Estate dreams with insightful guidance and genuine real estate advice. You can count on me 100%!

Let’s talk about your Real Estate needs.

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